You are the PERFECT FIT!
You are the PERFECT FIT!
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What does it mean being size inclusive?

Today, it's very common to walk into a shop and see dedicated plus-size sections, maternity sections, petite sections and so on - same goes to online shopping; many popular online retailers pride themselves in offering collections for all shapes and sizes -  while it's great that fashion outlets are expanding their range to recognize that not everyone is a size 0; it often leaves petite and plus women alike with a restrictive choice of outfits. 

What if a size 20 women would want to wear that crop top? or the skinny jeans? or that bikini? Why are fashion brands still dictating what women of certain size and shape can and cannot wear? Browsing the curve section of a popular online brand - you'll find mostly floral maxi dresses, baggy oversized shirts and mom jeans...

Size inclusivity is all about offering one collection to all sizes - thus adapting the collection to what the customer wants to wear and not what the brand is telling them to wear. Many times I was left disappointed not being able to find my size in a cute crop top or swimsuit - simply because a brand decided it was not designed to be seen on curvy bodies.  This is why B.B. offers one collection with 15 styles that is available in size S to 4XL; you love that bikini? Wear it! 

B.B. takes a stand against segregation and wants to become a pioneer for brands - especially in Dubai - to offer more size inclusive ranges. While abroad, brands are catching onto this wave, this is unseen in Dubai - yes, we have plus-size and curve ranges - that look like my grandma's closet - but size inclusivity doesn't exist here - simply because society still doesn't recognize plus women as equals. I was ecstatic to see Vogue's body positivity issue - this is a huge step into the right direction that showcases women of all backgrounds, shapes, sizes, ethnicities - there's still so much work to be done and B.B. wants to be an advocate for a size inclusive world where everyone can just wear whatever they want without being judged, looked at - the goal is for you to feel comfortable, confident and sexy - no matter what the number on the tag says - everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way. Never forget that. 

Love & light,


B.B. Founder 

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